Australian LED lighting market Description -- Gap marketing introduction

What I talked in last text is the traditional sales channel in Australian, now I'd like to introduce other sales channels. I call it Gap marketing.

According to my acknowledge to Australian lighting market, there are still two sales channel types: One is via members from Australian lighting council and the other is via internet such as Trade me/ E-bay/Amazon/ brands websites and so on.

For many years, Australian home lighting market most shares are occupied by big brands Philip/Osram/Schneider. Local brands have no ability to beat them. In that case, it only leaves project lighting field still has marketing gap for business man. Australian lighting council members belong to these guys. Most of them focus on project lighting such as LED high bay lights / LED flood lights/ LED panel lights/ LED down lights / LED street lights/ Led wall lamps/ Led explosion-proof lights these professional lights. Parts of Australian lighting council member focus on home lights application.

The second sales channel via internet is full of all kinds of LED lights products including home and project lighting. Almost 90% product lines are LED. The consumers who’d like to visit web shopping can accept LED lighting products and have higher cost budget than common consumers in supermarket. They will try this sales channel.

Via these marketing descriptions, I guess that you will know which sales channel is the most suitable for you.

If you are still interested to learn more info in importing some LED lighting products for trial sales and selecting the right suppliers and products.

Let’s go on in next text.

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