10 Tips to import LED lighting product from China(1/5)

In last text, we have talked about LED big potential future, so as a new enter how can we start the business? Here I'd like to introduce some suggestions after allI have ten years'experience dealing with importers from all over the world. Below are just for reference and you will have to adjust according to your true situation.

1st Tip: Firstly, I think you will have to check your capital situation. As it will decide your first step. If you only have capital below USD50,000,it is better to import LED lighting products from DHgate/Ebay/Amazon/Ali express, as it can make sure your LED lighting product type and let cash flow keep in very efficient condition. When you are in this level, how to choose supplier? Is there any standard?

2ndTips: When you visit DHgate/Ali express, you will find a lot of LED lighting suppliers and huge qty products. Oh, my God, I don’t know how I should choose?

Prices are in different level. Is it possible for me to choose good price LED lighting products but low cost? Yes, it is possible.

Below are ones for your consideration:

You will have to learn your local market of LED lighting products firstly. I suggest you visit Trade me for marketing investigation. It is better to make an excel and list the supplier name, product pictures and price. You'd better list TOP 50 sellers at least.

Now after checking and analyzing your marketing investigation, you will find some marketing gap and hot LED lighting line. Meanwhile, price list for each type LED lighting products.

3irdTips please see next text

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