10 Tips to import LED lighting product from China(2/5)

3rd Tip: You will have to know the LED lighting products manufacture base and quality levels.

Led lighting products base is in Shenzhen/Guangdong/Zhejiang three provinces.They have different advantages.

Shenzhen has a lot of personal seller selling LED bulbs/LED down lights/LED panel lights/ LED tubes. Quality is mixed: high/ middle/low

Guangdong lighting base is in Zhongshan town. Its advantage is in home lighting and faceing to China low market.

Zhejiang lighting base is in Ningbo. Main products are LED flood lights /LED street lights/LED wall lamp /LED explosion-proof lighting /LED high bay lights/ LED landscape lights.

Quality is mainly in middle and high. It faces to EU and USA market. Ningbo is a port city and exports these LED lighting products conveniently. As it is very strong in plastic and tooling, the price has big advantage comparing other cities.

4th Tip: After introducing LED lighting products bases, I'd like to talk about Taiwan and Indian LED lighting products' quality and price.

Taiwan LED factories are good at LED chip and high quality products. Suppose you focusing high quality LED lighing market, you need to consider importing some goods from Taiwan for quality checking. As LED competition is very tough, some Taiwan LED factories will ask China mainland factory to OEM their brands. Once you find this point, you will have to consider find a replacement of China mainland factory.

Indian market has no ability to purchase expensive SMT and other equipments. They normally import LED materials from China and then assemble whole fitting in Indian.

After all, Indian labor cost is lower than China&Taiwan.

5th Tip please check next text.

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