10 Tips to import LED lighting product from China(3/5)

5th Tip Now you can make the product list you are going to purchase and then send inquires to new suppliers. Some of them offers clearly and professionally.

While some will be very rough and easy. One interesting phenomenon is that cheap price usually in easy offer, good service and quality hide in detail offer sheet. It is my personal experience and you can take it as reference. You need to balance it and don't deny everything unless you know the truth.

6th Tip: Sample processing stage. After you approve some offers according to your marketing investigation, you will need some samples for quality checking based on an acceptable price.

You will have to keep calm when suppliers tell you they can not deliver it on time. Some suppliers will give you bad impression on this important stage. Just leave them as secondary suppliers. While you have time, you still can set up cooperation relationship with them. But you have to make sure their items are not the hot items and the most important items, or you can only get failure.

When you get samples, you will have troubles in checking quality or you don’t have time. I suggest you send it to the third party for quality checking. Suppose you don’t have this fee budget, the most simple test ways are below:

Take your phone, no matter Iphone or other brand phones, no problem .Face your phone to LED lighting products. If your phone has no abnormal condition, it means EMC approved and won’t hurt people eyes. If it jumps, you will have to consider to send to third party for quality checking if you are going to do business facing to high level consumers.

Just keep the lighting samples on power as long time as you can. Let it on utill it is off automaticly. This step is to test life span. Bad quality will be off soon. The time is maybe several hours or several days.

7th Tip please see next text

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