10 Tips to import LED lighting product from China(4/5)

7th Tip While samples test is finished, I believe that you will have some conclusions about who should be your core suppliers and who should be secondary suppliers.

You can start to place order to suppliers for goods preparation. If your capital is not abundant, you can try to place sample order. Most suppliers are willing to accept it as they are pleased to cooperate with more new clients. Few suppliers will refuse it before they are familiar with your sale channels. For sample orders, sometimes unit price will be higher than price they present in their previous offer as quantity is small.

8th Tip Now, I'd like to talk about payment.

I think it is the most concern part especially for new business man in LED lighting business.

All suppliers need 20%-100% payment as deposite, left payment will be TT on copy of BL or LC or need to pay before goods are loaded in container.

This part is flexible and important, especially your new suppliers will watch it very tightly. Suppose your first time payment speed is not as you promised, they will doubt about your company payment ability. Then a lot of troubles will follow. So you'd better pay on time.

Payment percentage is up to price and suppliers' situation. If it's bottom price, suppliers will need more percentage deposit. If the price is with high profit, suppliers can accept less percentage deposit. It is my personal experience.

9th Tip please see next Text

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