10 Tips to import LED lighting product from China(5/5)

9th Tip In this part,we will talk about your package design. Every seller will have his special logo so that consumers can remember it easily. Package for LED lighting products is a brand part. If you have designed your own logo, you can send some other brands you like package style with your own logo, then inform supplier to revise. It is free.

Suppose your order quantity is big and supplier is new, you can request them to make package samples for your quality checking firstly. Most suppliers can support you.

10th Tip Before loading all goods into containers, you can ask your supplier to send 1-2pc gold samples to you. You may ask: what is gold samples? Gold samples means the samples are exactly same as mass produced goods. The only difference is that it arrives you firstly then other mass goods. If you are satisfied with them, supplier can load the goods into container and ship it by sea or by air.

Gold samples and sliver samples are very popular in some big supermarkets. It avoids supplier's any mistakes on mass shipment and make sure buyer purchase the right goods.

If you have these requests, you'd better declare it to your suppliers at very first so that they will know arrange sliver samples (without any package but the LED lighting products are same as mass shipment)and gold samples firstly to you for approval.

Finally,you just need to find your local forwarder and make sure smooth custom clearance.You can start your own LED lighting business.

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