Peking Start up highest lighting for APEC

Peking,the capital of China, is holding APEC during 4 Nov-11 Nov ,2014. For warm reception, the city start up the highest lighting solutions grade same as National Holiday.

Normally, Peking's lighting is distinguished into three grades: normal day/ ordinary holiday/important holiday. This time, Peking prefers the lighting standard of important holiday.

To save energy and money, the lighting designer Duyi says all building facing Changan street would adopt inner building lighting solutions and won’t use outdoor lighting way.

Meanwhile, keep the National Holiday lighting design and decorate east and west flower bed for APEC topic lighting. From pictures attached we can see a lot of LED flood lights /LED wall light/ underwater lightssurrounding famous and important building, such as Tian An Men square /Monument to the people’s Heroes /Beijing Sunrise East Kempinski (main APEC conference center). So you can see that LED lighting products are widely used in China big city and will be seen in more and more China medium and small city in the near future.

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