AC LED chip is future?(1/2) ---2014 HK lighting fair summary

2014 HK lighting fair is finished. I’d like to share some ideas about the trend in LED lighting products: slim and intelligent.

During visiting booths, I see that more LED lighting factories are presenting AC chip LED flood lights.

The shape is square and round.

The powers include 10w/20w/30w/50w/80w/100w.

There are three colors: white/silver/black.

Some items are with sensor and some are without sensor. Microwave sensor is a main accessory.

Refer to core chip technology, a lot of factories adopt the Seoul and Nichia AC led chip.

(Some Chinese sales man also call it high voltage chip)

Its selling points are as below:

1)no driver

2)weight very light.

3)Not only light but also a fashion popular sign.

Slim LED floodlight design concept is similar as hot product Ipad/Iphone. So it is widely acceptable by Apple fans and youth group.

These slim LED floodlights will be a good choice for middle class family house's lighting decoration,

especially in garden lighting/architectural lighting /outdoor lighting/ landscape lighting / garage lighting /outdoor wall lighting.

From marketing feedback for AC chip LED floodlight, more and more orders are from top market such as UK/Ireland/Australian/Germany.

Other markets are still waiting for price decrease.

Another trend is intelligent. Please see next text.

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