Lighting system of Sydney Opera will be updated

According to Australian Broadcast company information, On 3 Nov,2014 Australian Sydney city declared lighting system will be updated after Sydney Opera House was built for 40 years. The lighting products are customized according to Sydney opera special needs.

All are LED lighting products and quantity is 355, LED bulbs/LED wall washer lights/LED floodlights and others.

Each LED lighting product is intelligent and under controlled by DALI. It will be adjusted according to music or performance needs. So that it can create charming lighting atmosphere giving audiences an unforgettable impression.

It is the first time that Sydney Opera House adopt LED lighting products as it can help money and energy saving. Meanwhile it is also green and friendly for environment.

I also can guess who get this lighting contract as we once provide LED lighting products and service to Australian famous contractor such as Pierlite?

We wish to go on chasing answers for sharing more special information.

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