Differences Between COB &SMD LED floodlight(1/2)

On 2014 HK lighting fair, one buyer asked me a question: now, SMD LED flood lights are popular in the market and what is difference between COB LED flood lights and SMD LED flood lights?

I think this puzzle is also common in other clients who's importing LED floodlights from China mainland. Let’s have a look about the differences:

1) LED chip sealing ways are different:

COB(Chip On Board) LED flood lights chip is composed by many small size LED chips firstly and totally is sealed together with glue.

Normally there are two shapes: one is round and the other is square:


Finished COB LED flood lights will be like below:


SMD(surface Mounted Devices) LED flood lights is composed by many independent LED chips and they will be in several lines not concentrated finally by glue. Only one shape: square

The finished SMD LED flood lights is as below:

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