Why Solar LED Street Lights?

From Alibaba led street lights inquiries, we can see a lot of businessmen especially from African/Egypt whose basic electricity systems are weak or no electricity districts are eager to seek the solar led street light factories or companies.

LED street lighting is common in led outdoor lights but it is a bit special while adding solar factor. Solar was very popular topic in previous time. LED is popular in recent time.

Now two factors are combined together: solar LED street lights.

Comparing with normal LED street lighting, solar LED street lights will have more accessories: solar panel/inverter/battery pack. The advantage is obvious:

1) Country or community doesn’t need to invest money and labor into electricity system in road. It can bring benefits in public budget saving.

2) Led light source is energy saving and solar Led street light will be more energy saving and friendly for environment.

3) Solar Led street lighting is DC current and low voltage which is safer.

4) No need to pay for electricity fee after installation.

5) Installation service is cheaper. Don’t need to dig and install electricity wire.

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