How to Choose Supplier for Solar LED Street Lights??

As solar Led street lights are environmently friend and energy saving, common people and government like to use it. For the good future, a lot of factories come into this industry.

Mainly there are three groups:

1) Solar panel factories and suppliers. As these suppliers are professional and familiar with solar panel manufacturing and whole system accessories.

2) LED lighting manufacturers

3) New comers

We recommend several standards for finding the right suppliers for solar LED street lights

1) Samples quality is the first test way. Suppose several samples test cannot pass, I think you will lose confidence in the factory or suppliers.

2) Complete manufacturing in LED street lights and solar panel/ quality control procedure/ sales man’s communication and skills

3) Lighting design solutions for your project. Suppose drawing is professional and reasonable, you can have a test on samples.

4) After trial orders, you maybe will meet one or several quality issues. Their feedbacks and attitudes for defect products can help you distinguish.

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