How to use lamp professionally?

Use lamp is in order that it can emit light onto the objects reach some lux level to meet our demand. Such as according to EN standard, work-plane needs to reach 500lux for meeting room. Then question is how many pcs lamp required? What kind of lamp? Say professionally, need what kind of lamp with what kind of light distribution? Need the lamp with how many flux?

Firstly we need to consider about energy saving. Secondly we need to concern if cost is reasonable. Last is to make layout scientific and professional.

Energy saving: we need to know about the light efficacy, lm/w
Cost: Use the least quantity lamps to reach office lighting standard
Layout: Several lamps can be selected and combine together to reach different layout and meet our need. It needs professional design software Dialux evo to design professionally. It can calculate very accurately illuminance result and show to our customer. Helps customer to know what kind of lighting solution is he needed. It brings a lot of benefits to your business and improve customer’s satisfaction.

Example of office lighting optical simulation data, false color chart, isolux diagram, data table,etc.

Maybe you’re project contractor or you’re the person in charge of some project. You don’t know much about these knowledge. It doesn’t matter I can provide free service to provide reasonable lighting solution and professional advice.

How to use lamp professionally?
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