LED Bulkhead(BL1402) Development

Item no.:BL1402
Market demand
According to LED market trend and demand,we plan to design one series of LED bulkhead. They are with better lighting performance and more efficiency than traditional items. Meanwhile, it meets people's needs for intelligent lighting.

Detail plan
Six Wattage: 10w&20w ( Same Housing)
                      30w&40w(Same Housing)
                      50w&60w(Same Housing)
Product Function: with microwave sensor
Appearance: based on the classical look for easy acceptance with better design
                      for convenient installation

Product design

Draw 3D product draft,including structure design and appearance design on computer

Product realization

Open mold, forming housing, more detail surface treatments, assembling each part accessories together

Tests to confirm performance

Optical parametric testing and physical performance testing


Use this product in many different occasions,such as stairwells,platforms,exits,walkways,tunnels, subways etc.